Latest Accu Weather APK- Download Free For Android

Description of Accu Weather APK:

Accu Weather APK is a wonderful app for people all around the world having Android devices. This awesome app helps you to know daily forecast, track weather, and radar. You can also get live reports, GPS maps and daily updates on current temperature, sun, wind speed and other weather news of places around the world along with the places you check-in.
Accu Weather APK is best to track live storms and rain radars with its GPS tracker. Thus this will amazingly provide information about weather conditions, temperature updates. Accu Weather APK will keep you updated and help you to find out the global and local weather just on your Android device.

There are some great performance advancements in the app. Along with such advancement, you can also know about the current air quality (this option is only available for China and South Korea). There is an addition of a temperature contour Map layer, which will help you to see the hot/cold regions and warms regions too. The option of Push Notification has also been added to make your lives easier, which will alert you by sending notification in your notification drawer without going into the app.

Features of Accu Weather APK:

·         You can find out the global and local weather on one click
·         You can track rain or get storm alerts
·         You can view the current temperature
·         You can find out the current and up to date weather condition 
·         You can find out about the current air quality
·         You can find out the temperature contour Map layer
·         You can see the hot/cold regions and warms regions
·         You can use Push Notification to keep yourself updated about weather

I bet you need this amazing application in your android device to check on the weather around you. To download Accu Weather APK on your mobile phone, click on the given link and keep yourself updated about weather reports.

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