Galaxy Invaders Alien Shooter Apk download

Galaxy Invaders Alien Shooter

Galaxy Invaders Alien Shooter is an updated game developed by ABIFAMES PTE.LTD.
We at are providing best games to our users and Galaxy Invaders Alien Shooter is a series of the games among the highly rated games in its category. The game is available to download at our site for the users of Android and IOS.
The features of the game are the availability of both operating systems for Android and for Apple ISO. The game is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and you can download the games for the said devices having the operating systems.
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What is new with Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Apk

Graphic design of the game:

With the updated version of the games has provided a much better graphic design. The new version of the game has a good graphic design. Due to enhancement in graphics, the game looks much better and the users of the game feel like he or she is fighting in the real world.

Upgradation in Weapons and skills.

The game graphics are updated as well as the weapons used in the games are also updated according to the requirement of the users. The skill levels are also some advancements in the game.
With the enhancement of weapons and skills, you could build a strong air force of your own and can join the galaxy wars.

The theme of the Game:

The game is developed on the thought that the human being in the future will reach into the space for colonization and Aliens will start attacking human colonies in the space. Thus the humans will ask to face the attacks and eliminate the enemies to provide safe futures for human beings.


As we have mentioned that the game is updated on January 30, 2019, and available for download on google play store. By the end of the article, I am also providing a direct link to download the game. The current rating for the game is 4.6 on google play store.
The game is available for free to download for the android users.  The current version of the game is 1.1.6 requires 4.1  and up to the operating system for android users.
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