Raid: shadow Legends IOS and Android.


Raid Shadow Legend

Raid Shadow Legend is an updated game on google play store by Plarium Global Ltd. The company has developed many other games and available for download for Android users on play store and also available IOS versions of the game on apple store.
We the downloadapkpure providing both versions of the game for IOS and Android users to download and play the game for their respective operating systems.
Raid Shadow Release
The game is recently released on March 4, 2019, so the reviews for the game are less and will take some time to become popular and the reviews will increase accordingly.
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Introduction to the game

Features of the game

Download the game for IOS

Download the game for Android

Introduction to the game

 RAID: Shadow is an RPG game and the main theme of the game is to save a planet named Teleria form destruction.
To save the planet the players of the game have to travel to different places and during the travel, the storyline of the game opens.
Features of the game
Here are some key features of the game as under
Training to Heroes
In the game, you have to provide training to a hundred different players and each player has a different role from each other as well as different ability to play the game in a unique way.
            3 D Graphics
The game is developed under the latest technology for graphics and the player of the game enjoys the good graphics while playing the game on his or her devices. Graphics play the key role for any game and Raid: Shadow Legends offer good 3D graphics to the users of the game.
            Language support
Another good feature of the game is the language support for different users with different languages. The game supports a number of languages like English, Chinese, Garman and many other languages.

            Free to play

The game is free to play for both operating systems with Android and IOS. However, some additional items need to purchase for the respective stores.
Download the game for IOS
Raid: Shadow Legends IOS is available to download for free from apple store for the IOS operating system users. By clicking the given link below you will be redirected to the store for installation of the game for your IOS device.

            Download Raid: Shadow Legends IOS

Download the game for Android
For the Android operating system users, the highly recommended for downloading the game and the app is Google play store. Almost all popular game and apps are available to download for free and paid games. Google owns the Android operating system so you can find game and apps for Android on google play.
By clicking the below link you will be redirected to google play to install the game for your android device.

            Download Raid: Shadow Legends Android


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