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call of duty soldiers

Call of duty for Android and iOS is an updated game on Google and Apple stores for the respective devices.


Call of duty online game

Features of the game

Call of Duty download

Call of Duty iOS

Game APK


Call of duty online game

The game is developed with focusing World War II and the game initially launched its first version in 2003. You will find the different versions for the game like COD II and III.

We are presenting the recent version of the game as the game is currently updated on May 14, 2019, on google play store.

The game is full of action for shooting lover gamers. Like much other shooting game, the game offers a battered environment and users enjoy the high definition graphics of the game on their screens while playing the game.

battle field

Features of the game

It is a popular game in shooting and action game category. The game has some good features those are as under.

High definition Graphics.

The game offers latest graphics quality this makes the game more attractive to the players of the game. The developer of the game has used recent and updated versions of graphics quality in the development of the game.

Challenging to other players.

The game offers to challenge other players over all the world to play the game battle online. So you can challenge other players to play the game with you.

Frequently updates.

The game is frequently producing updates. The developer of the game introducing updates with including new ideas and necessary improvements.

Controls in the game.

Currently, almost the latest cell phones have the touch screen and the game is good to play with touch devices. The controls of the game are easily manageable with these devices.

Call of Duty download

We are offering the game to download for your Apple and Android devices. Below are the links to download the game for iOS and Android versions of the game for your respective devices. If you have Apple device just click on the iOS link, else you can download the game for your Android.

 soliders in war

Call of Duty iOS

For Apple and MAC devices you can follow the below link to download the game. By clicking the game you will redirect to the Apple Play store to download the latest version of the game for your device.

Call of Duty iOS

Game APK

For Android devices, you can follow the below link to download the game.

Download  Call of Duty APK

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