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Cyber Hunter an updated game on 13 May 2019  and developed by a well-known Chinese gaming company named Neteast.  Following are the detail of the game to go through for better understanding of the game before downloading the game.

Game Introduction


Features of the game.

Winner of the game

Cyber Hunter Download

Game Introduction.

The game is developed on the idea of brain computers. With the advancement of technology and the impact of technology over human civilization. The game covers the next generation civilization where human beings will completely dependent on technology.


You may have experienced some famous games related to civilization like Rise of civilization, Fortnite. The game has some resemblance to those games and the value addition with the game is that the idea is totally new.

With other like game mostly cover the past and this game totally focuses on the future of human civilizations.

cyber hunter gameplay

Features of the game.

This is an action game where you face the war to save yourself form number of 100 enemies at the same time. The war in the game is on a spread island which is full of vehicles, weapons and other necessary items required for the battle.

As the game covers the next generation technology so there is some difference with weapons used in the battle. The weapons are fully automatic and capable to shoot the enemy automatically by default.

Weapons are although automatic but the game also gives you the choice to adjust the arm to manual use.

The uniqueness of the game is it offers several styles to play the game.

Winner of the game.

With the game, there are different modes to play. It is up to you either you are playing the game in single mode or the game also offers to play in pairs.

The winner of the game is the last standing person in the game.

cyber hunter download

Cyber Hunter Download

The game is available to download for both platforms Apple and Android. You can download the game for our site for your devices.

To download the game for Apple devices you have to follow the link below.

Cyber Hunter download iOs


For Android devices please follow the link.


Cyber Hunter download Apk


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