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Hago is new and updated game for Android and iOS users. The game is becoming popular in a short time after its release.


Hago Gameplay

Features of the game.

Battle in the game.

Online chat with friends

Game time.

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Hago APK


Different Games in HAGO

Hago Gameplay.

The game connects different users all over the world and you can play the game with online users. With the game, you can make new friends or can also challenge other players to play the game with you.

You can chat the players while playing the game.

Features of the game.

This game is basically the collection of a number of small game. The combination of these small games makes the HAGO game interesting for users.

Following are some features of the game.

Battle in the game.

When you think of battle normally it comes to minds that there are weapons and have to fight with guns or with other means. With this game the battle is different, you have to enjoy the fight between sheep’s, knife hit and many other fights among the players.

Online chat with friends.

You can connect the game anywhere and the game facilitates to communicate with your friends. You can chat with your friends via voice chat.


  Game time.

Another good quality of the game is that it does not take too much time and in only three minutes you can end the game.

Finally, I would say the Hago is a perfect game to play and this is full of entrainment who loves natural fights.

Diffenet New Apps

Download Game for iOS

To download the game for Apple devices, MAC and Ipads please click the below link. This will redirect you to Apple Store for the direct an updated version of the game to download.


Hago APK

For Android devices follow the link below to download the latest version of the game. As the game is frequently updating for Android device so we are putting the google play store link for download the game.

Download HAGO APK



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