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Choose the most popular players for the game

Online Soccer Manager a popular game for Android and MAC users has recently released the updated version of the game.


Online Soccer Manager OSM

Choosing your team

OSM Tips.

Other features of the game.

Download OSM Apple, Ipad.

Online Soccer Manager APK


Online Soccer Manager OSM

The main theme of the game is to become the team manager. Choose your favorite team and manage your team as a team manager. You have to prove that you are the best manager or coach of the team in the world.

Team member of the game

Combination of best league team members

Choosing your team.

As the manager of the team this your primary task to choose the best team in the world. The basic question is how you would select the team. Would you select a team of a country where the players of the team only form the specific area or the same country?

The second and best option for team selection is to select a team from popular leagues in the world. There are many leagues like Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and other leagues. So you can choose any of these leagues teams according to your choice.

OSM Tips.

The team manager is responsible for the team manager is to choose the best players for your team. The other duties are to manage the team and define the strategy for the game. As the coach of the team, you will place the best player at the best place.

You can also change the players. You hair new players to your team, the game provide other many different options and while playing the game you will hopefully enjoy the game.

Other features of the game.

The game is free to install for your devices and can play. For football lovers, it is the best game you ever have experience.

With the new version of the game, some more features to the game are added and you can play the game with your friends. The game is a multiplayer game.

Team managnment in the game

Managing Team is the top task for the manager

Download OSM Apple, Ipad.

The game is available for both operating systems for Android and MAC. You can download the game for your devices by following the below-given links. For apple and MAC devices please click the first link. The link will redirect you to the Apple Play store for downloading the latest version of the game.

OSM MAC download

Online Soccer Manager APK

The game is updated and available at google play store for Android devices. We have put the green link below to install the game for your Android set directly for the original source. This way you will get the latest copy of the game for your device. To install just click the below link.


OSM APK download


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